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Alnwick Garden

The Alnwick Garden in Northumberland is one of the biggest things to arrive in the Northumberland area for years and has really put Alnwick back on the map. Ever growing in popularity, it was dreamt up by the Duchess of Northumberland and was opened in October 2002 by The Prince of Wales.

The Garden is a great place to visit and about 20 minutes from Beach Holiday Cottage, in Alnwick. It if full of water displays, extensive gardens and one of the biggest tree houses on the planet. A good day out for adults and kids alike. The gardens are now starting to bed in nicely and there is an area full of clever water fountains and displays that will have the kids occupied for hours.
The Alnwick Garden Pavilion and Visitor Centre opened in 2006. This has places to eat, shop, or just plain relax.
The Garden is open daily from 10am (except Christmas Day) and closes at 7pm in the summer and 4pm in the winter:
Last admissions are 45 minutes before closing time.
Dogs, (except dogs for the blind), are not allowed in Alnwick Garden, but there is a Woodland Walk in which they are allowed for a bit of exercise before leaving them to sleep in the car..
Tickets in 2006 are as follows: 
Adult : £8.00
Child: No extra charge (for up to 4 children with each adult) 
Group (14 people or more): £6.25 per person. 
Educational group: £2.50 per child 

The Tree House at Alnwick Garden

Alnwick Garden is great for kids, with many interactive water features like the Grand Cascade's jets or they can just splash around in the water channels in their wellies with a supervivising adult. There´s a  Poison Garden and rope bridges in the The Treehouse that are good and wobbly. Familes can get a snack in the Alnick Garden Treehouse or if the weather is good enough there are plenty of quiet spots for a picnic.

For more information, visit the website

Alnwick Garden is often misspelt. Some variations I have seen for "Alnwick" are anick, alnick, annick or even annic, alnnic and annick. Although it is pronounced "Annick", it is spelt with an 'l' because the name of the town refers to the River Aln



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